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Savannah Scone Company

Savannah Scone Company

Savannah Scone Company is a licensed cottage bakery in Savannah GA specializing in gourmet scones.

Summer Is Here!

Summer brings a lot of things to the South we don’t necessarily beg for, like humidity, heat, bugs, and hurricanes. But, it’s also the time we shift our menu to a number of new fresh scone flavors that are bright, citrusy, fruity, and plain delicious.

This summer (2021) is no exception. We’ve added at least five brand new scone flavors this season including Strawberry Shorty, Peach Scobbler, Blackberry Lime, Razberre Blanco, and Apple Pie. And don’t forget our tried and true staples like Blueberry, Orange Cranberry, Lemon Blueberry and Very Berry. They all make great summer flavors. 

Inevitably, we’ll add a couple more before the leaves start to fall and the holidays roll around again. 

summer flavors
Sample of Summer flavors from Savannah Scone Company

When Do Summer Flavors Arrive?

Most of them are already here! We will continue to add a couple more throughout August and then start transitioning to Fall flavors after Labor Day. Many of our “summer flavors” become so popular that they live on the menu year-round. If we tried to take Very Berry or Orange Cranberry off of the menu, there would surely be a customer uprising, so we leave them be 🙂

From time-to-time we’ll even add an off-season scone to the menu, like Brown Sugar Pecan or Gingerbread right in the middle in summer. That’s usually because we’ve received a number of special requests. If you have a special request please be sure to let us know. Send us a note on our Facebook page or email us here.

Apple Pie Scone

Introduced in July 2021, it found a fanbase right away. It has everything you’d find in your favorite apple pie, like chunks of Granny Smith apples and cinnamon and a soft crust. Everything is scratch-made — no frozen fillings here. We wrap it in our rustic scone and bake it to perfection.

Peach Scobbler Scone

Our Peach Scobbler scone is one of our most popular ever. We managed to capture the essence of peach cobbler and get it into a delicious scone. Ripe peaches, fill this hand-held flavor bomb, and we top it with a delicious vanilla drizzle. It’s not too sweet and the fruit stands tall in flavor and texture.

Why We Love Summer In Savannah

There’s a lot not to love in Savannah during summer — bugs, bites, humidity (or humility as we call it), heat, and of course the occasional hurricane threat. But hey, who’s keeping track? Summer is a great time for pool parties, BBQs, boating, porches, hammocks, and the beach.

We love summer in Savannah because it’s an opportunity to be outside. With sea breezes, iced tea, and our summer scones, you could do a lot worse. In Savannah, we tend to venture out more in the summertime to our favorite spots on the water — The Wyld, Plant Riverside, and Skull Creek Boathouse in nearby Hilton Head. Sure, the heat and humidity can be daunting at times, but it passes with afternoon thunderstorms and eventually summer will become Fall, which is also a great time to be in Savannah

About Savannah Scone Company

savannah scone company sara graham

Savannah Scone Company is a Savannah bakery (cottage food) that specializes in scones. It is the brainchild of Sara Graham and her husband Skip. Envisioned for years, it all began in 2019.

As Head Baker, Sara dreams up the recipes, tests them relentlessly, perfects them, and readies them for your enjoyment.

She has an authentic passion for sharing her love of baking and Savannah Scone Company is just an extension of that passion. 

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You’re in the right place! We are currently on hiatus as we move to our new location at 713 E 65th St in Savannah. Construction is underway and we plan to reopen in the Fall but do not have a firm date yet.

Please sign up for our email updates and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Thanks so much for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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