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Fall Scone Flavors

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Savannah Scone Company

Savannah Scone Company is a licensed cottage bakery in Savannah GA specializing in gourmet scones.

Fall Is Here!

Our favorite season is Fall (with Spring a close second). With Fall comes a marked change in weather (although a little slow in the South), holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Fall festivals, and of course the chance to bring back our Fall menu. 

Our Fall scone flavors conjure up warmth and comfort — like pumpkin spice, carrot cake, maple, nuts, spices, oats, and berries. While some of our scone flavors go on hiatus during the Fall and Winter months, they always come back when seasons once again change.

This year we are going to introduce a few new scone flavors and so far the testing has gone really well. As we get closer to actually putting them on the menu, we will be asking for help in taste-testing and honest feedback.

Here is just a small sample of what we have planned this Fall. And I do mean small sampling: 

fall flavors
Sample of Fall flavors from Savannah Scone Company

When Do Fall Flavors Arrive?

We will be adding Fall flavors over a few months starting mid-late September and going through the end of the year. In fact, as of this writing we have already introduced our Maple Oat Nut and Very Berry scones.

We will continue on a pretty fast pace, introducing at least one new flavor every week — sometimes more than one. Which ones stay on the menu throughout the entire season depends on which ones you tell us you love. We surely have our favorites, but we’re here for our customers, so you get to decide.

Our Maple Oat Nut Scone

This scone is one that we put on the menu very briefly in Winter 2019-20. We were never fully-satisfied with the recipe so we pulled it after a few weeks. This years version of Maple Oat Nut is to die for.

The texture is rustic and the maple icing is pure comfort. The crunch and flavor from the pecans make this scone a real winner. We hope you love it too.

Our Very Berry Scone

Very Berry is our first Fall flavor in 2020. It is a big sister to our Blueberry scone but with the bursting flavor you get from combining blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Think cobbler in a scone. And, we top it with a light vanilla drizzle.

We tested this scone with lots tasters and they all gave it two thumbs up. Warm it up for 20 seconds or eat it right out of the box. Either way, it is absolutely delicious.

Why We Love Fall In Savannah

Savannah is possibly the perfect Fall season. We get the benefit of slightly warmer temperatures through October, but usually have a few surprise chilly mornings that remind us that Winter is lurking somewhere out there and may, or may not, come roaring in around December. Regardless, it is rarely uncomfortable and almost always manageable.

Fall is the evident change in seasons that reminds us the holidays are almost here. Yes, the coastal South is a great way to experience Fall and we love being able to bake scones that meet the season head-on. 

Yes, Fall in Savannah is a great time of year to reflect, enjoy the break in the hot weather, get a few uses out of the fireplace, and look forward to a short winter.

About Savannah Scone Company

savannah scone company sara graham

Savannah Scone Company is a Savannah bakery (cottage food) that specializes in scones. It is the brainchild of Sara Graham and her husband Skip. Envisioned for years, it all began in 2019.

As Head Baker, Sara dreams up the recipes, tests them relentlessly, perfects them, and readies them for your enjoyment.

She has an authentic passion for sharing her love of baking and Savannah Scone Company is just an extension of that passion. 

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