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713 E 65th Street
Tue-Fri 8am – 3pm
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713 E 65th Street • 912-388-0354
Tue-Fri 8am – 3pm (or sold out)

New Location

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Savannah Scone Company

Savannah Scone Company is a locally-owned bakery in Savannah GA specializing in gourmet scones.

Ready, Set, Go!

On Friday, February 25th at 8:00AM Savannah Scone Company will open the doors to its new location at 713 E 65th Street for the very first time. What started as a cottage bakery, based out a home kitchen, is now a full-fledged commercial bakery selling retail, wholesale, and eventually shipping scones nationwide.

We’ve also added some things to our menu that we think you’re going to love including fresh-brewed coffee from select roasteries, SconeBits, and Scone Pudding — oh, yeah!

What's New?

One of the best new things about our new location is that you can now walk in and buy whatever we have, without the restriction of buying quantities of the same flavor. We will be baking several of our (over 70) flavors daily. The menu will change often, so there will always be something new to try! Check out our current menu and a sampling of our vast variety of flavors.

SconeBits will make their debut on our menu with our opening. We’ve tested them and they got rave reviews. Buy one, buy a hundred. Each one is a delectable bite — slightly crusty on the outside but moist and flavorful throughout. We plan to have a couple of SconeBit flavors available daily.

Another addition is Scone Pudding. If you’re a bread pudding fan, get ready to be satisfied. Made from scratch daily, right from our tried and tested scone recipes, we will have at least one daily scone pudding you can purchase by the slice. It’s moist and delicious and right out of our scone playbook.

chocolate scone bits
Our new SconeBits are a delicious addition to the menu. Great for a snack on-the-go, a party hors d'oeuvre, or to share with your favorite person. You can't eat just one... or four.

A Work In Progress

We started our project in this space at 713 E 65th Street with a vision to convert it to an open, functioning commercial kitchen. It sure seemed daunting at the time. But, after a protracted permitting process, we started construction back in the Fall of 2021 with a plan of opening before year-end. A good plan indeed.

We couldn’t have predicted the hurdles we would encounter, but it was worth the challenge.

Here And Now

With 99% of the project behind us, we are now preparing to open our doors on Feb 25. The support of our customers and community has been overwhelming, to say the least!

As we dive in head-first, we will always put our product and customer service first — always. We’ll make some missteps and goofs, but we’ll learn and grow from them, as we always have.

As We Grow

A couple of things we won’t have when we open the doors on Feb 25 are delivery and online ordering.

When, and how much, we deliver in the future will be determined by demand and how much retail traffic we have. We’ve already heard from a few customers that delivery is important, so we’re listening!

And, in conjunction with delivery, we will bring back online pre-ordering as soon as we know how to best do it. We started our business back in 2019 with online ordering, exclusively. It will find its way back into the mix sooner than later.

Make Your Plans To Visit Our New Shop

We sure hope you will join us at our new bake shop. Like many other Savannah bakeries, it’s a to-go counter. You can purchase scones, SconeBits, Scone Pudding, beverages, and our scone condiments like Devonshire Cream and Jam. We will also have two daily brewed coffees from select roasteries as well as a selection of hot tea.

About Savannah Scone Company

savannah scone company sara graham

Savannah Scone Company is a locally-owned Savannah bakery that specializes in everything scones. It is the brainchild of Sara Graham. Envisioned for years, it all began in 2019.

Sara dreams up the recipes, tests them relentlessly, perfects them, and readies them for your enjoyment.

She has a passion for sharing her love of baking and Savannah Scone Company is an extension of that passion. 

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