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Are there any bakeries in Savannah that deliver? Yes, we do! Savannah Scone Company delivers to customers throughout the Savannah area. Our delivery schedule is usually between 3:00p-5:00p Mon thru Fri and we deliver scones that are baked fresh the same day.

(912) 388-0354

A Savannah Bakery That Delivers

Finding gourmet scones in Savannah is hard enough. Finding gourmet scones in Savannah that can be delivered to your home or office? That’s rare! Our customers love us for our scones, first and foremost, but the fact that we deliver every day… well, that’s a game-changer. 

Our scone baking starts early in the morning and all deliveries usually go out between 3:00pm and 5:00pm every day. In order to get scones delivered to your door, we ask that you order at least one day in advance. If you have a scone emergency and just can’t wait, call us by 8am and we’ll let you know if same-day delivery is possible for your order. You can always pickup at our store — 713 E 65th Street in Savannah.

As we are all affected in some way by COVID-19, we now offer no-contact delivery. We will still contact to confirm delivery time, but we will leave your scones at your door and ring the doorbell. 

Important note about deliveries: We strongly suggest that someone is present at the specified location to take delivery of your order. Many of our scones have ingredients and toppings that will likely not fare well outdoors in hotter temperatures. We will make every attempt to coordinate a suitable delivery time for you to be able receive your order, but we can’t accept responsibility for scones that are left outdoors for any length of time at the request of the customer. 

How To Place A Delivery Order

Placing an order for delivery is very easy. Just go to our order page, complete the order information, and specify delivery date plus any special instructions. We will contact you when we receive your order to confirm the details.

Where Do You Deliver?

Our Delivery Map shows the areas in Savannah we deliver to, which is most of Savannah and the island areas. Unfortunately, we can not deliver to Tybee, Pooler, Garden City, or Richmond Hill at this time, but you can always pickup at our store in Savannah.

Is There A Charge For Delivery?

There is a nominal delivery service fee for all orders under $48.00. If your order is $48.00 or more, there is no delivery charge.

Delivery Map

It’s not an exact science, so if you’re just outside of the highlighted area on the map, give us a call. We also have customers in Pooler, Richmond Hill, and even as far away as Bluffton that pick up at our store location.

Orders For Pickup

Many of our customers choose to pickup their orders because it’s more convenient for them. We can certainly accommodate that. Just let us know when we confirm your order and you will be notified when it is ready for pickup.

Customers in Pooler, Richmond Hill, Garden City, and other areas outside of the Savannah area can pickup at 713 E 65th Street in Savannah. If you are staying on Tybee Island for vacation, this is also a great option because we do not deliver to Tybee at this time.

Here’s directions to our store location at 713 E 65th Street.

What's On the Menu This Week?

Our menu changes often (usually weekly). Either by demand, season, or just fancy, we like to shake it up when it comes to the scones we bake every week. Sometimes it’s simply based on the freshest ingredients available. We try to source everything locally and as fresh as possible.

As a local bakery in Savannah, we love serving customers in our community. We also love the fact that they love the scones we make. Sara is our scone goddess and she is always coming up with something new. If you get lucky, she may even deliver a couple of experimental scones with your order, just to get your feedback.

Anyway, we appreciate you checking us out and, if you’re not already a scone lover, we hope to make one out of you very soon!

Areas In Savannah We Deliver

You can see on the map (above) our complete delivery outline, which is most of the Savannah area including the islands all the way to Bull River Bridge. Some of the well-know areas in Savannah that we deliver to are:

  • The Landings
  • Modena Island
  • South Harbor
  • Burnside Island & Rio Vista
  • Montgomery and Beaulieu Area
  • Coffee Bluff
  • Isle of Hope
  • Dutch Island
  • Bona Bella
  • Kensington Park
  • Midtown Savannah
  • Parkside
  • Ardsley Park
  • Thomas Square Neighborhood
  • Downtown Savannah
  • Windsor Forest Area
  • Wilmington Island
  • Talahi Island
  • Whitemarsh Island
  • Thunderbolt

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