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713 E 65th Street • 912-388-0354
Tue-Fri 8am – 3pm (or sold out)

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Savannah Scone Company is a Savannah scone bakery that bakes scones exclusively. Looking for the best scones in Savannah? Look no further. We have a scone for you, whether it’s a traditional British relic or a fancy gourmet variety. Our menu changes every week so there’s always something for everyone. 

Savannah's Favorite Scone Bakery

A Savannah Scone Bakery — Just Scones

It may seem unusual that there is a Savannah bakery that only bakes scones, but that’s exactly what we do. Any day that we’re open, you will find 12-14 delicious scone flavors on hand — sweet to savory and gourmet to traditional. Our seasonal flavors are always a big hit and you can always find something you like in our wide variety of scone flavors.

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We are located in midtown Savannah in the heart of the Medical Arts District at 713 E 65th Street, between Waters Avenue and Paulsen Street.

You will find us convenient to two of Savannah’s major hospitals — Memorial Health and Candler/St. Joseph’s as well as a number of Savannah’s top specialists.

We are open Tuesday through Friday from 8:00AM to 3:00PM and closed Sat, Sun, Mon.

We Are Savannah Through and Through

We are proud to be in Savannah, the Lowcountry, the hostess city of the South. We have lifelong ties to Savannah and the Lowcountry. As a locally-owned bakery founded in 2019, we are lucky to be a part of all the great things going on in the city. Savannah has a great food heritage, as well as a burgeoning contemporary food scene, and we hope to gradually put our stamp on that as well. With so many great food and drink purveyors in Savannah, we take great pride in holding up our end of that establishment.

While there are many great bakeries in the Savannah area, we are happy to be the only bakery focused on baking scones as our primary offering. You probably won’t find cookies, cakes, cupcakes, or other pastries at our bakery. You will, however, find delicious scones that are baked fresh each and every day. You won’t find anything that’s day-old.

Savannah is ubiquitous with history as is the scone. We salute the history of the British scone tradition with our Royal family of scones and our housemade accouterments like Devonshire cream and lemon curd.

Savannah is home and we couldn’t be prouder to represent scones in our great city. We’re not the only place in Savannah that you can acquire a scone, but we feel like you won’t be disappointed if you drop in a give us a try.

Savannah Scone Company is located right in the heart of Savannah in the Medical Arts District — midtown for all practical purpose. We are convenient to many neighborhoods — Ardsley Park, Kensington Park, Habersham Woods, Parkside, and others. And, we are directly adjacent to the vast array of medical and dental offices in the Medical Arts area. 

Stop in next time you’re in the neighborhood and sample a SconeBit!

Our Humble Beginnings

Savannah Scone Company began as a cottage (home-based) bakery back in 2019, operating on Skidaway Island. Our loyal customers ordered scones by the box and we delivered them all over Savannah. We were humbled by that small beginning and so thankful that our awesome customers stayed with us through the pandemic and helped us grow to where we are today.

WSAV’s Patty Turner profiled our business back in those days and showed what a day in the life of Savannah Scone Company — as a cottage bakery — was like.

In February 2022 we moved into our current retail location at 713 E 65th Street. We offer everything we offered back in the early days and more, with the exception of gluten-free, which we are working on for 2023.

In our new shop we brew great coffee from local roasters and offer a full line of Teapigs Tea. Our menu still changes weekly and we always have 12-14 scone flavors available at any given time. You can also now order online.

About Our Delicious Scones

Flavors and Counting

With over 130 flavors, and counting, we’re always changing things up. In fact, our menu changes every week and tends to flow with the seasons. From our seasonal scones like Carrot Cake, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin Patch (pumpkin spice scone) to our everyday favorites like Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry, and Walnut Blue Cheese, we’re always testing new flavors.

Traditional Scones Are Here

We offer traditional British scones too! We always have our royal traditional scones on hand in at least two varieties — plain and raisin. We often add Royal Cheddar with Chive, Royal Everything, or even Royal Popper, a heated up jalapeño version of the classic scone.

Handmade Daily

Every scone we make in the bakery is hand-mixed, rolled and cut. We don’t take any shortcuts and avoid mixers, forms, and other automation. We do it the old-fashioned way by hand forming every scone in small batches and cutting by hand. You won’t find any scooped scones at Savannah Scone Company. This not only makes for a superior texture but also adds a rustic, non-uniform quality to every scone we produce.

Mini Scones For Your Event

We even have scone minis we call SconeBits. These little 1-2 bite morsels are perfect for snacking and great for parties where delicious finger food is a requirement. We offer our SconeBits daily in two flavors, but they can be special ordered in party packs of 60, 120, or more. It’s a great way to serve your guests something they will love and it requires absolutely no preparation. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. Here’s a list of just some of our scone flavors.

Scones for Everyone

Contact Us or Just Drop By

We love to see new faces in the bakery. You can always call us to order ahead, but you can also just drop in to see what’s on the retail counter.

We bake every day and no scone is ever carried over. Anything left on our counter always goes to first responders.

We hope you’ll stop in for a sample and maybe grab a cup of our delicious coffee. Never had scones? We think you may just become a fan.

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