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Savannah Bakery That Delivers

Savannah Scone Company operates as a locally-owned bakery with customers across the low country area. We only make scones — delicious gourmet scones, with plenty to choose from, including gluten-free. And, we deliver!

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NOTE: Since moving into our new location, we have suspended delivery service. If we start delivering again we will notify customers through social media and our email subscribers list. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A Savannah Bakery That Delivers — That's Something!

savannah scone company van

Savannah Scone Company is a bakery that delivers throughout the city Monday thru Friday. Bakeries in Savannah that deliver are few and far between. We’re not even sure if there are any between – at least any that deliver to your home or office without the aid of a third-party delivery service.

Because we’re locally-owned we can come to you! That’s right. Every afternoon, we’re out delivering fresh-baked scones to our customers in Savannah. Now that’s something!

What Makes Savannah Scone Company Different?

orange cranberry scone

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Being different isn’t our goal, although we believe we’re a little different than other bakeries in Savannah. We’re pretty sure we’re the only bakery in town that serves scones exclusively — gourmet scones.

Being better than everyone else is not our goal. We’ll leave that to the opinion of our customers. Serving great scones to customers and providing excellent customer service is our mission. There are lots of great bakeries in Savannah. We visit them all the time.

The reason we do this is the passion for baking, our genuine love of scones, and bringing joy to happy customers. You’ll have to experience that yourself.

We Deliver To Homes and Offices

delivery map

We deliver to Savannah customers — north to south and east to west — including the following neighborhoods and points between.

  • The Landings on Skidaway Island
  • Modena Island
  • South Harbor
  • Burnside Island
  • Isle of Hope
  • Dutch Island
  • Bona Bella
  • Wilmington Island 
  • Talahi/Whitemarsh
  • Montgomery
  • Coffee Bluff
  • Windsor Forest
  • Midtown/Ardsley Park
  • Thomas Square
  • Downtown Savannah
  • Kensington park
  • Mayfair

Gluten Free Baked Goods + Delivery

We are excited to bring gluten free baked goods to our menu — especially ones that can be delivered fresh right to your doorstep. As a small, locally-owned bakery, we take great care in our gluten-free scone preparation. That means thorough cleaning of preparation surfaces before weighing, mixing, and forming our gluten-free dough.

We plan to continuously add new gluten free scone options to our menu. So far, customers who tested our gluten-free offering tell us it is about as perfect as it can be, which is exactly what we were shooting for.

You can read more about our gluten-free process here.

lemon blueberry scone
Our Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Scone

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