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Gourmet Scones In Savannah

Savannah Scone Company is a Savannah bakery that makes delectable gourmet scones — savory and sweet. We update our menu often so there’s always something new to experience. We deliver to most areas in Savannah and can also arrange pickup. You can check out our FAQ for answers to some of the common questions we get. Just call us or send a note if you have more questions.

Our Scones

We only use the freshest ingredients in our scones, so availability is based on what we can get our hands on. We also make seasonal scones, scones for special events, and Sara is always coming up with something new to try.

A Small Sampling Of Our Flavors

Great For Special Events

Our gourmet scones are great for themed events, dinner parties, corporate gifts, partner network gifts, staff meetings, office parties, birthday parties, wedding showers, and they are a great alternative to cupcakes and other pastries. In fact, once you’ve had our gourmet scones, you may never look at a cupcake the same way again.

Your Branding

We can also work with you on special packaging for gifts including the use of your company logo, business cards, or other branding. Just give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for.

Gourmet Scone Varieties

The menu changes every week but we have a large repertoire. Some flavors and variations are seasonal and others just come and go. Below is a partial list of some of our most popular scones. You can always check the weekly menu to see what’s on this week. 

For the Sweet Palette

For the Savory Palette

But, that’s not all. Sara is always coming up with new flavors and already has a few that are unannounced. You can sign up for our email list to get a heads up on all new flavors before they hit the weekly menu. 

What Customers Say

Proud To Be A Savannah Bakery

The the long history and great heritage of Savannah bakeries, Savannah Scone Company is proud to join the ranks of all those who came before us and remain with us. We work hard to make our products the best they can be and will always be proud to be in Savannah.

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