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Scones Are The Best

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Savannah Scone Company

Savannah Scone Company is a licensed cottage bakery in Savannah GA specializing in gourmet scones.

Scones Are International

Scones are one of the most beloved pastries in the world and with good reason. From their delectable texture to their rich, buttery (and versatile) flavor, there are many reasons why scones are widely considered to be the best pastry — everywhere. In this post, we will uncover some of the main reasons why scones are so beloved by pastry lovers all over the world.

Texture Matters

First and foremost, scones have a unique texture that is both fluffy and crumbly at the same time. This texture is achieved through the use of specific ingredients and hand-working of the dough, which causes the dough to rise and creates pockets of air within the pastry. The result is a light, fluffy scone that is perfect for pairing with jam and clotted cream. Don’t be fooled by what is commonly referred to as “scoop scones” where the baker scoops them onto a baking pan. Hand-formed is the preferred method and results in superior texture.

Peachberry scone from Savannah Scone Company

Scones — The Swiss Army Knife of Pastries

Another reason why scones are the best pastry is their versatility. Scones can be sweet or savory and can be flavored with a wide range of ingredients, from fruit and nuts to cheese and herbs — not to mention, meats. This means that there is a scone flavor to suit every taste, whether you prefer something sweet and indulgent or something savory and satisfying.

And, no discussion of why scones are the best pastry would be complete without mentioning their flavor. Scones are made with a generous amount of butter, which gives them a rich, buttery taste that is truly irresistible. Whether you enjoy your scones plain or loaded up with jam and Devonshire cream, the rich, buttery flavor of these pastries is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

The Perfect Scone Pairing

Scones are not just delicious on their own — they also pair perfectly with a wide range of beverages, from tea and coffee to hot chocolate and even champagne. Heck, the Walnut Blue Cheese scone at Savannah Scone Company pairs perfectly with a dry martini. That’s a match made in scone heaven!

The delicate, buttery flavor of scones is the perfect complement to a hot cup of tea, while the light, fluffy texture of the pastry makes it the ideal accompaniment to a glass of bubbly or your favorite adult beverage. The possibilities are endless.

walnut blue cheese scone carousel
Walnut Blue Cheese scone from Savannah Scone Company

Share and Share Alike

Finally, scones are a great pastry for sharing. Whether you are hosting a brunch or afternoon tea, scones are the perfect addition to any spread. They are easy to make in large batches, and can be customized to suit the tastes of your guests. Plus, there is something undeniably festive about a plate of freshly baked scones, making them the perfect pastry for any celebration.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, there are many reasons why scones are widely considered to be the best pastry. From their unique texture to their versatility, variety, and delicious flavor, scones are truly the ultimate pastry.

So if you haven’t yet experienced the joy of freshly baked scones, maybe you should pop on down to Savannah Scone Company. It’s what we do! Over 120 flavors and counting and we rotate them in our bakeshop. You can also order online at your convenience.

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