Savannah Scone Company is a licensed cottage bakery in Savannah, GA. We operate on Skidaway Island and do not have a retail location, but we deliver to customers across the Savannah area. Check out our ever-changing menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Savannah Scone Company?

Savannah Scone Company is a Savannah-based licensed cottage bakery, and the result of a labor of love. Sara has been baking for friends and family for decades. Only in 2019 (after much prodding from those same friends and family) did she decide to make it official. Lots of recipe testing and some happy taste-testers later, Savannah Scone Company became official as a licensed cottage bakery. We have big plans to grow but we’re happy to keep it small and very high-touch for now. Thank you for taking a look and we hope you love our scones.

Where Are You Located?

At this time we do not have a retail location. We are a licensed cottage food business, meaning we operate out of our home kitchen on Skidaway Island. We deliver our products to customers daily and offer limited pickup. We can also arrange pickup at a specific location in some cases. Just let us know ahead of time.

We are the only bakery (other than Publix Supermarket) on Skidaway Island.

What Is a Licensed Cottage Bakery?

A licensed cottage bakery, or cottage food seller, is allowed under Georgia regulations Chapter 40-7-19, to make non-potentially hazardous foods. This includes scones, loaf breads, pastries, cookies, etc. Licensed cottage operators can use their domestic home kitchen to produce products to sell directly to consumers directly and through online internet sales. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

As a Savannah bakery that operates as a licensed cottage food maker, we are currently limited to direct consumer sales only and cannot sell wholesale. Because cottage food sellers can not acquire a Food Sales Establishment License, we are also not able to distribute to retail stores, restaurants, or institutions. We do have plans to expand in the near future.

We follow all of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited food safety processes at the Food Handler level. We label our products with the approved label standard. Our GDA Cottage License can be examined upon request.

What Is A Scone?

Well, that’s a trick question. Historically, scones are Scottish by nature, but a far cry from the scones made at Savannah Scone Company. Originating sometime in the 16th century, scones weren’t much more than a dry dough shaped into form and cooked over a fire. Although traditional scones evolved to include fruit and currant add-ons, that scone is still far from the buttery goodness that comes from the Savannah Scone Company kitchen.

Using butter, cheeses, fresh herbs, spices, and nuts, and other high-quality ingredients, we have transformed the scone into a luxury item. Whether it’s a cinnamon roll scone or one made with aged Gruyère cheese, roasted garlic, and fresh rosemary, we’ve got a scone for your tastebuds, and for every event.

Maybe you’ve heard scones were hard and dry. Don’t knock a scone until you’ve tried one from Savannah Scone Company.

Where Can I Buy Scones In Savannah?

There are actually a few place to buy scones in Savannah. We obviously think we’re your best option, but a few other bakeries in Savannah have a scone or two on the menu. We believe you’ll find that most scones you discover in full-service bakeries are of the traditional sort — round, much smaller, and usually not as flavorful. 

We also include a traditional scone on our menu from time-to-time. But, our customers know us for our gourmet varieties and we aim to please. We only bake scones!

Popular places we deliver include: The Landings on Skidaway Island, Modena Island, South Harbor, Skidaway Island State Park, Ardsley Park, Isle of Hope, Dutch Island, Wilmington Island, Talahi Island, Whitemarsh Island, Oatland Island, Downtown Savannah, Kensington Park, Bacon Park, Windsor Forest, Coffee Bluff, Montgomery, Burnside Island, and others here and there. You can also pick your scone order up right here on Skidaway Island, or we can arrange a pickup location in route to our other deliveries.

A Few of Our Scones

Do You Deliver?

Yes we do! Our delivery map is below. It includes most of the Savannah, GA area, downtown, Southside, island areas, and midtown. If you’re not sure, just give us a call or send us a note with your address and we’ll let you know for sure.

Please note that the we also deliver to Skidaway Island State Park, so if you are looking for food near Skidaway Island State Park, a restaurant near Skidaway Island State Park, much less a gourmet bakery near Skidaway Island State Park, we are one of few options. We’ve had many customers who are camping at the park tell us that our scones made their camping trip even better.

Do You Have No-Contact Delivery

Yes. During COVID-19, we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our customers and our staff safe. As a result, we implemented a no-contact delivery policy to minimize face-to-face contact with customers. Not our favorite, but necessary nonetheless. You can learn more by clicking the button below.

Delivery Area Map

Do You Charge a Fee To Deliver?

Our delivery charge is $6.00 for orders under $48.00. Any order of $48.00 or more comes with free delivery! If we are delivering to Skidaway Island, there is no delivery charge because it’s where we are located.

Do You Ship?

We do not ship our scones at this time. We have been told by some customers that they have shipped our scones successfully, but we are not currently in a position to ship. Our packaging would not support parcel shipping, so it would be up to you to determine the best way depending on your need.

Can I Give Scones As a Gift?

Of course! Scones are a unique gift for the hard-to-buy-for friend or family member. Many of our customers gift their friends and clients with our gourmet scones. We will even deliver them to the gift recipient as long as it’s in our delivery zone. Scones are a unique gift for the sweet or savory lover. Just let us know the gift details when you order and we’ll make sure they are delivered with care.

Can I Buy Single Scones?

At this time, we are only able to sell scones in quantities of 8. A single order will include 8 of the same scone (flavor). Many of our customers have gotten together to make a group order so they can share flavors. Because we bake to order in batch recipes, it isn’t possible at this time to offer single flavors in quantities less than 8.

Can I Freeze Scones?

Absolutely! While all of our scones are freshly baked to order, we also bake for ourselves sometimes and often have leftovers, so we save them for a rainy day. Our favorite way to freeze scones is to wrap them individually in foil and then store multiple wrapped scones in a gallon freezer bag. Properly packaged scones should freeze well for up to three months. We’ve heard anecdotally they will go much long, but that’s our experience.

We find they are best thawed by just letting them come to room temperature. You can even do a short blast in the microwave if you want to warm it slightly (15-25 secs). If you have discovered another method, we would love to hear from you.

Do Scones Stay Fresh At Room Temperature?

We have anecdotal evidence from customers that our scones remain viable in the box for several days at room temperature, but we recommend refrigeration if you’re planning to keep the scones more that 48 hours. 

Your results may certainly vary, and conditions like temperature and humidity can affect any baked product’s viability over time. The bottom line is, scones are perfectly OK to leave in their original box packaging at normal room temperature for a couple of days. Anything longer than that, better to refrigerate for up to a week (or freeze if you’re planning to store them for longer than a week).

Do You Have Gluten-Free Scones?

We currently offer four gluten-free scones — Lemon Blueberry, Cinnamon Roll, Very Berry, and Birthday Cake. We will add more based on customer demand. You can join our mailing list to stay up to date.

There is a lot of testing that goes into making a gluten-free scone so we are methodical and call on friends to participate in testing. If you are a gluten-free dieter, and interested in gluten-free scones, we would love to hear from you.

How Much Do Scones Cost?

Currently, our prices range from $25-$30 per 8 scones (one order), depending on the type of scone. As you might imagine, ingredients and time are the primary factors in scone prices. We source fresh, local ingredients of the highest quality whenever possible. You can find all prices on our current weekly menu.

How Can I Order?

You can order very easily online and we will call you once we have received the order to verify and get any additional details. You can pay by credit card or Venmo.

How Far In Advance Should I Order?

In most cases, we require 24 hours advance ordering. If you have a same-day need, please contact us by 9am to determine availability. No promises because we most often book up in advance. Because we bake-to-order and deliver same-day-baked, at least one-day advanced notice is usually required. You can contact us via email, on our Facebook page, or call.

Why Does Your Menu Change Weekly?

We change our menu weekly (usually) for a few reasons.

  • Fresh ingredient availability. We only use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients when they are available. This includes herbs, berries, or whatever the scone needs. 
  • Customer demand. We want to bake what our customers want. At this time in our growth, it’s impossible to have all of our scone recipes available all the time, so we usually make 6-8 varieties available, based on what people are asking for.
  • Seasonal scones. There are some scones that are seasonal in nature, so we try to include those on the menu when appropriate. This includes our pumpkin scone and some of the other fall and winter varietal flavors. Who knows what Sara will come up with next. 

Can You Notify Me When Your Menu Changes?

Yes we can! You can sign up for our email list and we will send you a brief email with the current menu and a look ahead at what scones we are developing and planning to add in the future. We also send a special offer out exclusively to our email list.

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