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PartyBits are taking parties by storm. The ultimate party food. Available in a variety of flavors, sweet and savory. Sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

Preorder online up to seven days in advance.

PartyBits — Great Party Food

Scones have been a celebrated treat for gatherings of all sizes for countless generations. Whether sitting with a friend over tea and conversation or served as a hand food at large soirees, scones may be the perfect portable.

If scones are the perfect portable party food, then PartyBits take that idea to a whole new level. Bite-sized (or two) scone morsels that come in a variety of sweet and savory flavors.

Need to feed a whole army of hungry humans? PartyBits may just be your perfect solution.

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Savannah Scone Company currently offers PartyBits by special order only. See below for ordering instructions.

There are many sweet and savory options from which to choose and you really can’t go wrong no matter which way you go.

Need suggestions for dippings sauces? They certainly are a necessity but we are happy to share our secrets.

PartyBits are perfect for your next get-together.

How To Order PartyBits

PartyBits are preorder order only and come in orders of sixty (60). For example, if you would like two flavors, that would be 120 total — 60+ each — one flavor per order. Three flavors would be a total of 180, and so on. Each batch/order produces a minimum of 60 but typically a few more.

You can order PartyBits online and you have questions, or would like to order by phone, just give us a call.

PartyBits Sweet and Savory



  • Cinnamon Crunch

    A semi-sweet bite with crunchy morsels very similar to the ever-popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

  • Chocolate

    Just plain chocolate, but there's nothing "just" here. Rich and with a chocolate icing drop.

  • Vanilla

    A perfectly vanilla bite that is so well suited to dunking. Comes with a drop of vanilla icing.

  • Birthday Cake

    Need we say more? Our Birthday Cake scone is a top seller and this is it in a bite or two.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

    We don't employ elves so we had to figure this one out all on our own. A favorite classic.

  • Lemon-Thyme

    A delicious and fragrent combination. Fresh lemon zest takes it right over the top.


  • Cheddar Pecan

    A savory bite with cheddar, pecan crunch, and a little zing. Perfect for a party or late-night snack.

  • Cheddar Green Chile

    A smoky familiar flavor as old as the west. Perfectly savory, cheesy, and delicious.

  • Jalapeño Cheddar

    Jalapeños can be unpredictable, but this one never gets too spicy. Just enough and lots of cheddar.

  • Chivey Cheddar

    Like our Royal Cheddar scone, this is a classic where the cheddar and chive stand out.

  • Parm Pesto

    Let's go Italian! Real basil pesto and lots of parmesan cheese inside. Oh, so good.

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