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We update our weekly menu on Friday for the following week. 

May Menu

All of our scones are made with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally when possible, and sold in quantities of eight. Order 24/7 online.

NEW! Based on shear demand, we are bringing back our Maple Oat Nut scone for a limited time. It’s one of our most popular scones for Fall and Winter, so here’s your chance to make a year-round staple. It’s a delicious rustic scone chock full of pecans for a nutty and crunchy bite. Topped with a maple glaze and sprinkled with even more pecans. 

RETURN TO OUR MENU! One of our favorite savory scones, it’s Parmesan Pesto. Maybe the only Italian scone we have on the menu, yes? 🇮🇹 If there was such a thing, this would be it. Fresh-grated parmesan cheese combined with bright, nutty pesto. What could be more Italian than that? It’s sure to tickle your tastebuds.

NEW! Our new Lemon Chiffon and Orange Marmalade scones are straight from the grove to your table. Fresh, bright, and citrusy. Each is made with fresh zest and extracts to create deep flavors. The candied peel on top is the perfect garnish. Both sweet and tangy, but not too much of either. Try one… try both!

Menu (Alphabetical)

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