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We update our weekly menu on Friday for the following week. 

November Menu

All of our scones are made with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally when possible, and sold in quantities of eight (or 16 in Party Petite size, if available). Order 24/7 online.

Featured Scones

NEW! Yep, like that, only different. Scoreo is a delicious chocolate scone with vanilla  “stuff”, only we put the stuff on the outside. There’s nothing else you need to know about this fun little treat other than kids will love it too. For the perfect experience, you’ll want to pour yourself a tall glass of ice code milk. No time to overthink this experience — just make sure you hide a few away for yourself because they won’t last.

NEW! It’s Scurtle! You guessed right. It’s a turtle in a scone. Chocolate, caramel, toffee and pecans — just like the famous confection. Loved the world over, they were my Dad’s favorite. It was an easy decision to make a turtle scone, and fun to name it Scurtle. You’re going to love the chewy caramel and rich toffee bits. A little crunch and subtle flavor that only comes from pecans along with milk chocolate completes this new kid on the block. Betcha can’t eat just one!

NEW! We’re excited to announce our newest scone creation — Lavender Limón. It’s a blend of delicate culinary lavender and lemon zest that renders a subtle but distinctive flavor profile. The drizzle on top is a citrusy lemon, also infused with lavender. Lavender Limón is perfectly suited for teatime with your favorite blend, or as a nice treat any time of day.

Menu (Alphabetical)

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You’re in the right place! We are currently on hiatus as we move to our new location at 713 E 65th St in Savannah. Construction is underway and we plan to reopen in the Fall but do not have a firm date yet.

Please sign up for our email updates and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Thanks so much for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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