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We update our weekly menu on Friday for the following week. 

June Menu

All of our scones are made with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally when possible, and sold in quantities of eight. Order 24/7 online.

Featured Scones

NEW! No secret in our new Peach Scobbler scone. It’s like peach cobbler, only better. Plenty of peaches packed into our rustic scone along with the perfect hint of cinnamon that will trick your tastebuds into believing you’re enjoying Grandma’s peach cobbler. A vanilla drizzle on top gives it just the right amount of sweetness.

NEW! Succulent ripe strawberries and zesty lemon, dotted with poppy seeds and topped with a citrusy lemon drizzle. Strawberry Lemon Pop is as fun to eat as it is delicious. Great summer flavors come and go but this one is sure to become a new favorite amongst favorites.

LIMITED TIME! No, we haven’t transported to Christmas in June. We’re just making this holiday favorite available for a limited time in the off-season. Our Gingerbread scone is a people’s choice and for good reason. It has all the goods — that spicy gingerbread bite along with a vanilla drizzle to smooth it all out. 

Menu (Alphabetical)

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