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Savannah Scone Company is a different kind of bakery in Savannah. We are locally-owned and operated and deliver to customers across the Savannah area. The big difference? We only make scones — ridiculously-yummy gourmet and traditional scones. Our menu changes often so there is always something different to experience. 

A Bakery In Savannah That Only Bakes Scones

A bakery in Savannah that only bakes scones? That’s right. We put all of our energy into scones and scones alone. Savannah is a town fortunate to have many good bakeries including Back in the Day, Gottlieb’s (now closed), Auspicious, and others. We love those places, but our customers tell us they come to Savannah Scone Company when they want scones. No one else is doing it like we do it and our gourmet scones are meant to be a decadent pleasure that you will never get from a typical Savannah bakery scone.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our Facebook page and see what others say. We hope you’ll become part of our growing scone family.

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We Deliver!

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We deliver throughout the Savannah area every day. Bakeries in Savannah that deliver are few and far between, so we try our best to satisfy our customers who can’t come to us by coming to them. 

Our deliveries typically start sometime after 1pm and we only deliver what has been baked that same day. No day-old scones here. Our ordering is all online and you can pay by credit card or Venmo. We also have no-contact delivery. When you order scones, we’ll give you a call to verify that we have the correct information. You can check out our delivery info here.

Gluten Free Options

We are happy to say that we now have gluten-free options. Beginning June 1, 2020 we are adding a gluten-free version of our most popular scone, which is Lemon Blueberry. Just like its glutenous sister, it is rustic, rich and lemony, chocked full of blueberries and topped with a sweet lemon glaze. We have others too!

We have taken great strides to create a gluten-free product that mirrors the taste and texture of  our regular menu items. You can find more information on our gluten free page.

lemon blueberry scone
Gluten Free Lemon Blueberry Scone

Why Scones?

very berry scone new
Very Berry Scone
pumpkin patch scone
Pumpkin Patch Scone

Baking scones has been a passion for years. We don’t claim to be the only bakery in Savannah that bakes scones, but we felt it was time to give the scone its due. Scones often get an unfair reputation of being bland and dry, even hockey-puckish. So, we decided to let the world (or at least Savannah) know that this impression of scones isn’t fair, at least when it comes to our scones.

Our gourmet scones are moist and flavorful. If you like savory, try our Cheddar Green Chile scone or Royal Cheddar. Just a couple of the many savory scones that circulate on our menu. Do you have a sweet tooth? How about Maple Oat Nut, Cinnamon Roll, or Lemon Blueberry?

Sara is always dreaming up new scone recipes. In fact, the challenge is often what to take off of the menu because there is always plenty to add.

Scones may seem an odd choice, but we, and our customers, stand by the fact that scones are worthy of the attention we give them and when a Savannah bakery decides to specialize in gourmet scones, people seem to come running. We hope you’ll decide to join the fun too!

Just A Few of Our Top-Sellers



Still Not Convinced?

Not convinced that we’re worth a try? If you’re not satisfied with your order, just let us know and we will refund your purchase — no questions asked. 

There isn’t another bakery in Savannah that only bakes scones. We take pride in that, but also realize that scones aren’t for everyone. We hope you’ll give us a try.

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